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Here you’ll find out everything you want to know about LM Reynolds’ completed and in-progress novels, and learn how you can participate in the fun. Each month, a reader’s name will be randomly chosen to win a free signed book. Or, send in your picture to have it posted on the site. Your email could also be selected as the featured email of the month. Click any of the links at the right to learn more.

You can also contribute to the Soarway Foundation for a chance to have your name used as a character in a future novel. The Soarway Foundation benefits those affected by the devastating Nepal earthquakes of 2015, focuses on future disaster risk reduction and preparedness, and works in partnership to support economic development, to empower youth, and to build a healthier society. The challenges faced in Nepal are many; please consider a donation. Click here to inquire.

LM Reynolds award-winning debut novel, Spies in our Midst, is a tale of intrigue set in the present-day Boston area, with a back story in Tehran in 1978-1979. Its sequel, Spies We Know, visits Mumbai, India.  Read the excerpts and find out more about these suspense novels by clicking here.

~ LM Reynolds