LM Reynolds: About the Author

LM ReynoldsLM Reynolds

I’m LM Reynolds, and I love crafting a story. After sketching out a number of plot lines over the course of several years, friends and family encouraged me to follow my passion. I decided to take the plunge.

Each of my stories weaves a plot element that whisks the reader to a far-off place. Spies In Our Midst contains a segment that drops the reader in Tehran in the late 1970s. My latest novel, Spies We Know, visits India. You may suspect that I like to travel, and you would be right. I’ve lived in two dozen different cities in the US and abroad, and visited all 50 US states and over 125 countries around the globe. Travel is like oxygen for my soul.

Readers can also anticipate finding an aviation footprint or two in the plot. My father was a US Air Force pilot, and I’ve been fascinated by airplanes since I was a kid. To this day, I delight in going to air shows, and am mesmerized by the sight of watching a jumbo jet take off and land. Naturally, I got into the airline business, joining Pan Am as a flight attendant after graduating from Indiana University. Determined to see the world, I spent time at six bases in the Pan Am system. I even married an airline guy! Eventually, I joined the management team, developing and orchestrating training programs. In another serendipitous twist, I became interested in computer technology.

After Pan Am’s fall, I took a deep dive into computer programming and network administration. I founded two information technology consulting businesses, provided IT services for a wide range of industries, authored numerous technical and instructional manuals, and later accepted a position as an executive at a small software company. I loved devising strategies and comprehensive systems to help businesses surmount their challenges. And, of course, I loved the travel! I’m still excited by new advances in technology and their potential for sharing knowledge. Paradoxically, I’m also unsettled by their potential for abuse. Can the reader expect IT-related footprints in the narratives, as well? You betcha, and one doesn’t have to be a geek to follow the dialog!

Having embarked on a career as a novelist, my goal is now to entertain. If I can make readers laugh, cry, or simply pronounce my book a “good read,” I’ve done my job well. I hope you find that to be the case.