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Spies We Know

LM Reynolds continues the explosive story begun in her award-winning novel Spies in Our Midst in this sequel of deceit, treachery, sacrifice, and heroism.

Veteran intelligence operative Cat Powell is hot on the trail of Conrad27, the screen moniker of an unknown conspirator in a plot to stage an attack in Boston. Cat and Washington-insider Paul Marshfield, and their elite team representing three of the nation’s most storied agencies, realize that an intercepted e-mail may hold the key to the terrorist’s identity.

The ensuing investigation uncovers a hidden cache of high explosive in a suburban apartment and raises questions about the source and its intended target. When additional e-mails point to Iranian and Pakistani connections, and when a familiar Russian name surfaces from Cat’s previous posting to India, the connection sends Cat scrambling for the truth about her past dealings with a Soviet spy.

Returning to Mumbai, Cat confronts the consequences of decisions made long ago. With the fate of an influential Indian delegation—and the Americans with whom they are meeting—hanging in the balance, Cat and her team race against the clock in desperate effort to prevent the past and the present from colliding in tragedy.

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Spies in our Midst

Tech-business owner Lindsey Carlisle is enjoying an evening with friends on Boston’s North Shore when she receives an unexpected visit from the FBI. As the agents describe an explosion and fire at her sister Cat’s home—and the discovery of two bodies in the ruins—Lindsey is stunned by the news and completely unprepared for the questions that follow. Shock turns to anger as the implication becomes clear: the FBI believes her sister is connected to terrorism.

Armed only with confidence in her sister’s patriotism, Lindsey sets out to learn the truth. When she dives into a backup of Cat’s computer and discovers a sophisticated program—one with US government fingerprints—she finds more questions than answers. Lindsey turns to friends from her sister’s past, including a powerful Washington insider with ties to the White House. The revelations about Cat’s life force a reevaluation of every aspect of their shared history, as seemingly unremarkable events take on a darker meaning and mounting evidence points to an imminent attack on US soil.

Against a backdrop of international intrigue, LM Reynolds’ Spies in our Midst paints a story pitting sibling loyalty against national allegiance, with ordinary people drawn into events requiring the most difficult choice of all: who to trust with your life.

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